BILL ALERT: Witness Slips Needed for HB 581

HB 581 amends the Hospital Emergency Service Act to require hospitals and their medical personnel to provide/suggest abortion as a “stabilizing treatment” for women patients who are pregnant with certain life-threatening conditions. As you know, the term “life-threatening” is used … Continue reading

BILL ALERT: Witness Slips Needed for HB 4867

HB 4867 would amend the Illinois Human Rights Act to add abortion as a human right in the workplace. It adds the definition of “reproductive health decisions” or primarily “abortion” for all Illinois employees so that employers cannot “discriminate” in … Continue reading

Illinois U.S. House Candidate Guide: 2024

District 1 Montelle Gaji A candidate for Illinois District One, the issues Montelle Gaji has stated she looks to solve include stopping unnecessary government spending, taking initiative on the southern border, promoting faith-based leadership, and creating employment opportunities. Marcus Lewis … Continue reading

BAD BILL ALERT: SB1909 Passes through the Illinois House

Yesterday around 5PM, SB1909 – the Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act – was passed by the House and will move to Governor Pritzker’s desk for his signature. Our next steps will be to urge the Governor to … Continue reading

BILL ALERT: Physician-Assisted Suicide is Coming to Illinois

Yesterday, we received word in Springfield that Illinois legislators may be adding a bill that would forward efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide before the end of this legislative session (in only two weeks time). Because no legislation has been formally … Continue reading

Your Pro-Life Guide to Chicago’s 2023 Mayoral Race

We regularly receive phone calls about local, state, and national political candidates’ stances on the life issue. Chicago’s mayoral race is always hotly-contested, but often lacks a competitive pro-life candidate. We did the hard work to determine where each candidate … Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Abortion Laws in Illinois

With the passage of two abortion bills (SB 25 as amended – in 2019 and known as the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) and HB 370 – as amended – in 2021 and known as the Repeal of the Parental Notice … Continue reading