Your Pro-Life Guide to Chicago’s 2023 Mayoral Race

We regularly receive phone calls about local, state, and national political candidates’ stances on the life issue. Chicago’s mayoral race is always hotly-contested, but often lacks a competitive pro-life candidate. We did the hard work to determine where each candidate stands, so you don’t have to. Here’s what we came up with:

Kam Buckner (D) – Pro-Choice as indicated on voting records found on website. Kam Buckner is a current House Representative 26th District

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D) – Pro-choice as stated on WEBSITE

“Reproductive and gender-affirming health care is a fundamental right. Any person who wants it, should have access to safe abortions and reproductive care. Pregnant people should have access to quality, affordable prenatal and parental care. Chicago should remain a sanctuary city for abortion and reproductive care.”

Ja Mal Green (I) – No statement on abortion issues available at this time

Sophia King (D) – Pro-Choice as stated on WEBSITE

“Sophia [King] has been a life-long advocate for women’s reproductive rights and was the former Vice Chair of Planned Parenthood Chicago.” 

Willie Wilson (D)No statement on abortion issues available at this time

Lori Lightfoot (D) – Pro-Choice as stated on website, Lori Lightfoot was quoted:

“The Chicago Abortion Fund is thrilled with the City of Chicago’s investment in our work to make abortion accessible for all people, no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they make. As post-Dobbs bans and restrictions go into effect across the country, and thousands of people in our region face new barriers to care, the expertise of abortion funds is crucial. Every dollar we receive from the Justice For All Pledge will go directly towards paying for appointment costs, individualized case management, and wrap-around needs — such as travel logistics, lodging, childcare, and meals — for Chicago Abortion Fund callers accessing care here, in the city of Chicago. With this partnership, we will continue to make abortion access a reality for people across the region who depend on our city for the care they want, need, and deserve.”

Brandon Johnson (D)Pro-Choice as stated on WEBSITE

“There are three things I would like to make absolutely clear. One: abortion is health care. Two: abortion should be a constitutional right. Three: We will not accept an America – or a Chicago – that goes back in time. 

There is no middle ground on abortion. There is no middle ground on reproductive health care. Individuals should always have the right to control what happens to their own bodies – not the government.”

Roderick Sawyer (D) – Pro-Choice. At the Chicago Women’s Forum, Sawyer publicly vowed, “to do everything possible to continue offering reproductive rights services, if elected.” 

Paul Vallas (D) – Pro-choice as stated during the recent Mayoral Debate, posted HERE stating, “I have always been an unequivocable, uncompromising supporter of women’s reproductive rights.” 

*In past Vallas has stated that he “personally does not condone abortion but opposes government legislation against abortion.”