All You Need to Know About Abortion Laws in Illinois

With the passage of two abortion bills (SB 25 as amended – in 2019 and known as the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) and HB 370 – as amended – in 2021 and known as the Repeal of the Parental Notice of Abortion Act) there are now no restrictions on abortions in Illinois, (except surgical abortions must be done by a physician).  There is “technically” a prohibition of abortion after viability, but the exceptions to this prohibition are so broad that this means that abortion is legal up to the moment of birth.  


Pro-Life People – Most do not even know that the two abortion laws above are even in force.  So, letting them know about this would be important for them to know.


Pro-Choice People– Most do not know of the two abortion laws above. 

Some helpful talking points could include the following:


Did You Know:

  • There are no restrictions on abortion in the State of Illinois?
  • The Parental Notice of Abortion Act was repealed by House Bill 370 in 2021 and went into effect on June 1, 2022?  The Parental Notification of Abortion Act required that before a minor girl could get an abortion, one parent or guardian must be notified by the abortion clinic? It allowed for this notice to be waived if the minor girl went to court or the minor girl had been abused.
  • Under the RHA, almost all abortion clinics do not have to be licensed or even inspected? 
  • The RHA forces private insurance plans in Illinois to cover abortions? Some churches like the Roman Catholic Church are self-insured under a federal program so are exempt from the law, but many other churches and places of worship who choose to give employees health insurance must cover abortion for their employees? 
  • In Illinois chemical abortions (including the dangerous RU-486) can be performed by nonphysicians (advanced practice nurses) to women and minors?
  • The RHA removed all independent rights of all preborn children in Illinois?
  • The RHA removed the law prohibiting “referral fees” or kickbacks for abortions? This means that some individuals will be making money from talking vulnerable girls and women into choosing abortion over parenting or adoption. 
  • The state of Illinois allows abortion clinics to decide if a pregnant woman can get a medical card under the Medicaid AllKids Presumptive Eligibility Program, and then provide an abortion on the woman paid for by Illinois taxpayers? (This can apply to women coming to abortion clinics from other states too!)