What We Do

Public Relations

We work to disseminate facts and information on pro-life issues and policies to the people of Illinois, through media communication and grassroots outreach.

Voter Outreach

We seek to empower Illinois voters with the facts and the tools they need to encourage life-affirming legislation and elect pro-life leaders. 

Government Relations

We provide our legislators with crucial information on life issues effecting Illinois, while lobbying and advocating for pro-life policies in Springfield.


We enable Illinois pro-lifers to be a voice for the voiceless and communicate with their legislators through different means of public action and activism.

our mission

Illinois Right to Life Action is the state’s go-to organization for pro-life lobbying and information on defeating pro-abortion bills. We are highly trusted by pro-life political leaders and citizens alike to be their life-affirming voice in the Illinois General Assembly. It is our aim to promote a culture of life in Illinois by transforming the culture in Springfield to one less threatening and more open to protecting the most vulnerable members of our state.

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our blog

BILL ALERT: Witness Slips Needed for HB 581

HB 581 amends the Hospital Emergency Service Act to require hospitals and their medical personnel to provide/suggest abortion as a “stabilizing treatment” for women patients who are pregnant with certain life-threatening conditions. As you know, the term “life-threatening” is used … Continue reading

BILL ALERT: Witness Slips Needed for HB 4867

HB 4867 would amend the Illinois Human Rights Act to add abortion as a human right in the workplace. It adds the definition of “reproductive health decisions” or primarily “abortion” for all Illinois employees so that employers cannot “discriminate” in … Continue reading

BAD BILL ALERT: An Analysis of SB3499, Physician-Assisted Suicide

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