Voter Guides

It’s our civic and our moral duty to carefully and prayerfully choose the local, state, and national leaders of our country. The people we place in power literally make life or death decisions.

We know you are devout pro-life friends, and we know you carry your pro-life values in everything you do. We need good people like you to be involved in politics.

That’s why the team at Illinois Right to Life Action spends months and hundreds of hours researching and surveying those who are running for office each election, and then rating them according to his/her pro-life stance.

Now when you enter the voting booth, you know exactly where a candidate stands on the life issues with our voter guide.

You can access our pro-life voter guide (every election) at 

Don’t know where you can vote at? We’ve got you covered:

Look Up Your Election Place Here.

Happy voting, Illinois.