BAD BILL ALERT: SB1909 Passes through the Illinois House

Yesterday around 5PM, SB1909 – the Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act – was passed by the House and will move to Governor Pritzker’s desk for his signature.

Our next steps will be to urge the Governor to oppose this bill. You can call his constituent offices by clicking here.

When you call Governor Pritzker’s office, say, “I am reaching out to urge Governor Pritzker to withhold his signature from SB1909, the ‘Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act.’ This bill singles out pro-life pregnancy resource centers, placing a target on their backs and violating their right to free speech.”

If the Governor chooses to support this bill – which poses a clear free speech violation – the fight will not end there.

Please continue to pray for our legislators, who remain obstinate in their anti-life stance and refuse to acknowledge their role in tens of thousands of deaths annually.

Thank you for the tireless work you’ve contributed to fighting SB1909.

For timely updates on the progress of this bill and other anti-life legislation, follow us on Twitter here or text LIFE to 888-493-9109.