BILL ALERT: Physician-Assisted Suicide is Coming to Illinois

Yesterday, we received word in Springfield that Illinois legislators may be adding a bill that would forward efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide before the end of this legislative session (in only two weeks time).

Because no legislation has been formally introduced as of yet, we don’t have language or a bill number to share. Despite those requirements, legislators are still having conversations behind closed doors about potentially passing this bill.

Contact your legislators by clicking here and let them know you oppose ANY bill that would legalize physician-assisted suicide in Illinois.

Historically, physician-assisted suicide (PAS) legislation has been terrible for both the elderly and the disability community.

Separate from the barbaric tactics associated with PAS that have been deemed “compassionate” by so many progressive groups, the legalization of PAS has also enabled public health providers in other states to forgo publicly-funded treatments for the chronically-ill in exchange for the option to commit suicide under this law.

PAS is an absolutely horrific reality, and one that we do not want here in Illinois.

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