BILL ALERT: Witness Slips Needed for HB 4867

HB 4867 would amend the Illinois Human Rights Act to add abortion as a human right in the workplace. It adds the definition of “reproductive health decisions” or primarily “abortion” for all Illinois employees so that employers cannot “discriminate” in any way against them in the workplace. This applies to all employers except religious employers – so unaffiliated pregnancy resource centers and organizations like ours would be required to follow this rule.

While religious employers are exempt under the Illinois Human Rights Act, organizations such as crisis pregnancy centers and Illinois Right to Life could not refuse to hire or take action to fire employees that are not pro-life. This is unconstitutional because organizations that have a mission or an expressive association are protected under the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

It was admitted by the House sponsor that “crisis pregnancy centers’ were not protected in HB 4867 and a legal complaint could be filed against them before the Human Rights Commission if they did not hire or fired people who were not pro-life.