BREAKING: Illinois House Passes Extreme Abortion Bill

Our hearts are breaking.

The Illinois House of Representatives has passed the extreme abortion bill, SB 25, with a 64-50-4 vote. SB 25 will now go back to the Senate for concurrence, which should take place within the week.

“No words can express the disappointment and heartache pro-life Illinoisans, like myself, are feeling,” said Ralph Rivera, Legislative Chairman for Illinois Right to Life Action.

“The incredible grassroots efforts of Illinois citizens who worked against this bill was astounding, and makes it clear that we were in the majority. Representative Avery Bourne’s defense of life and women on the House floor today was a testament to the truth of what we stand for, and I thank her for that.”

And let me be clear:

Illinois politicians deliberately voted against the wishes of the people.

4,000+ rallied in Springfield against this fatal legislation to the point of shutting down the Capitol.

Over 18,000 witness slips, a record breaking number, were filed in opposition to this dangerous legislation.

Our representatives phone lines and inboxes, including Speaker Madigan’s, were inundated by pro-lifers like you and me, urging them to stop this from passing.

The grassroots effort was astounding.

Illinois politicians knew exactly what the people of the state wanted.

But they sided with the promise of Personal PAC’s campaign money in the upcoming election.

It is time for the pro-life people of Illinois to stand up.

Legislators may have pretended not to hear when your voices echoed throughout the Capitol in March, but your vote in 2020 will send a message they can’t ignore.

Those who worked to ram this horrific legislation through will be remembered by Illinois voters in all parts of the state.

Right now, here is what you can do. Please find your state senators here. Call and email them, urging them to vote NO on this legislation.

It’s important that we continue making our voices be heard and continue educating our leaders on the dangers of this bill.

Chin up. We’ve got our work cut out for us.